01.04. Doors: 19:00, Show: 20:00

VVK: 24,30€ inkl. // AK: tba
The name of the rock band "GANGLION" is meant to be "the center of creative activity,"
and the thought of "sending the newest sound which is not caught by a genre" is put.
GANGLION accomplishes a rapid growth
for splendid looks and a large-boned and individual "ROCK" sound with the feature,
in Japan where various girls bands gain power in recent years,
and it is capturing the big spotlight.

The music to which the member of GANGLION was affected is
Lostprophets, NIN, Slipknot, Michael Jackson, Incubus, J-pop, and V-Rock.
The music of GANGLION is the emotional rock whose edge which included the synchronization
and the effect in the tight rhythm groove with sense of stability boldly was effective.
GANGLION carries and sings the melody of Japanese pop music to an alternative performance.
"YUYOYUPPE" is appointed as the latest work "INFINITY" as a producer.
He provides BABYMETAL of Lady Gaga's attention with the musical piece.
The melody became more invigorating, the element and
the fresh chord progression of the melodious metal were taken in,
and a new GANGLION sound was established.

GANGLION is performing a nationwide event and the one-man live energetically in Japan
since the formation in 2010.
It appears on the event "ONI-CON" performed at last in the United States this autumn.
the band's official site from overseas also has much access,
and it is followed up by the fan of every country in the world in Twitter,
and also digital releasing is under sale on iTunes Store in the world.
The offer of tour next year is received from an agent of EU.

GANGLION has a prejudice also in clothes, an image, or a design,
and is engaged also in the production of Music Video of the latest work "DISTANCE."
oni of the vocal & guitar has also enacted the regular model of fashion magazine
"KERA !" which produced a large number of "Kyary Pamyu Pamyu,"
and is also junior and senior high school students' fashion leader.

GANGLION is a female band with an infinite possibility as the title "INFINITY" of the newest album.