19.07. Doors: 19:00, Show: 20:00


VVK: 37
Since their first show at Shinjuku Antiknock in October 2009, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST has been unstoppable touring in Japan. As they gain their popularity, the band started playing in many big festivals including the Gekirock, Bloodaxe. They’ve also shared the stage with Heaven Shall Burn, Destrage and RISE TO FALL to name a few.

In January 2011, their first Ep “Voices of the Apocalypse -Sins&Virtues-” was released in Japan. The EP distributed worldwide on iTunes Store. “Voices of the Apocalypse -Sins&Virtues-” is separated in 2 singles, and each single has different meaning as the title “-Sins&Virtues-”

Since their debut as a Visual Kei band, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST first Mini Album “Ivy” was released in Febuary 2012 from Raiz Music. With these 7 aggressive tracks, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST is now ready for a new revolution. Recently, the band released their first single titled “Bury me” on March 30th.