31.10. Doors: 19:00, Show: 20:00

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False Heads - Sick Moon Album Tour

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False Heads - Sick Moon Album Tour

*Ersatztermine für die abgesagten Shows werden gesucht und schnellstmöglich bekanntgegeben!

We’re really looking forward to coming across to Germany and The Netherlands in a couple of weeks. It’ll be great to be back out in Europe! We’ll see you in Berlin and Amsterdam!
However, we are absolutely gutted to let you know the following dates have had to be cancelled mainly due to the costs incurred by everyone involved in putting on gigs in these very challenging times.

26th Oct – Leipzig – Neues Schauspeil
27th Oct – Stuttgart – Backstage Club
28th Oct – Cologne – Yard Club

31st Oct – Hamburg - Headcrash

The gig at Cassiopea in Berlin on the 1st Nov and the gig at The Melkweg in Amsterdam on the 2nd Nov will go ahead.

Artists take a risk travelling across countries, paying for vans, visas/work permits, crew, fuel, somewhere to stay (often crashing on friends floors) and that’s not including all the paperwork & customs documents crossing borders.

Promoters take a risk putting artists on, paying the fees (if the artist is lucky enough to be able to get one), paying for the hire of the venue, advertising and generally promoting the gig, always relying on enough tickets to be sold to at least break even (and often they don’t).

Venues take a risk putting on the gigs often with very small margins and relying on things like drink and food sales to just about break even.

Managers and agents work with artists, promoters and venues to try and make it all work and like all those above, at best breaking even.

It’s really hard out there at the moment, so wherever you are in the world support musicians, support your local venue, support your local promoter and the world will be a better place in these extremely challenging times.

Music can change lives, just remember that!