16.08. Doors: 19:00, Show: 20:00

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NEKROGOBLIKON - European Summer Tour 2022

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NEKROGOBLIKON - European Summer Tour 2022
The self-proclaimed "Kings of Goblin Metal," Los Angeles, California's Nekrogoblikon are melodic hard rock pranksters who deploy gnarly death metal earworms filled with crafty hooks, claw-pumping choruses, lightning-fast riffs, and over the top, EDM-style keyboard flourishes. With their ostentatious goblin hypeman John Goblikon, the band takes cues from hyperbolic horror-metal enthusiasts like GWAR, Finntroll, and Dethklok, while maintaining an affable, self-referential sense of humor. The group's early outings, like 2007's Goblin Island, were largely low-fidelity affairs, but by the early 2010s Nekrogoblikon were operating at a far higher technical level, and employing a rotating cast of talented players. 

Founded in 2006 by Nicky Calonne(vocals, keyboards) and Tim Lyakhovetskiy (guitar), the duo self-produced their debut album, the relatively lo-fi Goblin Island, in Lyakhovetskiy's basement. The LP was released in 2007, and an expanded lineup was quickly assembled to help flesh out the fledgling group's audacious live shows. The more technically proficient Stench arrived in 2011, and included the single "No One Survives" -- the video became a viral hit. The Power EP was issued the following year, and in 2014 the band joined Limp Bizkit, Crossfaith, and HECK on the Kerrang! Tour. In 2015 they released the concept LP Heavy Meta via their own Mystery Box label, and in 2018 Nekrogoblikon issued their fourth studio long-player, Welcome to Bonkers.