18.08.2024 Doors: 19:00, Show: 20:00

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S8nt Elektric

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S8nt Elektric

S8NT ELEKTRIC is a young rock band from Los Angeles, California, that is about pushing the limits in EVERY. POSSIBLE. WAY.
Everyone has heard the age old rock n’ roll cliche “Living on the edge,” but S8NT ELEKTRIC never quite fit into that stereotype. They’d rather live life “OFF THE EDGE,” pushing themselves to face their deepest fears and conquer their biggest dreams, all for the world to see on video.
S8NT ELEKTRIC combines an adrenaline junkie attitude with honest songwriting. They’re a band about adventure, living life to its fullest, and expressing themselves unapologetically.
Founded by frontwoman and powerful lead singer Bri Carbajal, and guitarist, songwriter, producer Niko Tsangaris, the band has toured Europe every summer, opening for artists like Wolfmother, Mammoth WVH, MC5, Dirty Honey, and WARGASM, as well as playing huge festivals such as Bottlerock, Rockville, Prague Rocks, and Azkena Rocks.
S8NT ELEKTRIC’s debut album “OFF THE EDGE'' will be released in 2024.